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We manufacture and supply complete track assemblies for Thiokol, LMC, VMC, Bombardier and most all makes of track vehicles. We custom manufacture track cleats, grouser bars, tire guides and drive sprockets for nearly all makes of snow cats. We also specialize in manufacturing obsolete parts and custom part fabrication. We can custom build or adapt track assemblies to fit nearly any over snow vehicle ever made. In most cases we can ship you a complete set of tracks ready to install for less money than you would pay for the parts alone through other sources. If you have spent any time at all replacing track cleats or belting you know the kind of savings we're talking about. We can also help you adapt late model tracks to early model or obsolete vehicles such as the Thiokol 1404 Imp and the 1202 Spryte.

Our one piece track cleat and tire guide design eliminates the hassle of re-torquing loose tire guides and provides for a stronger and lighter overall assembly. It has been proven in the most demanding environments over the past nineteen years by telecommunication and utility companies using a wide range of vehicles. Our track cleats and tire guides are made from aircraft quality alloys that are fully heat treated for maximum strength and durability and then assembled to Goodyear Plylon belting with premium grade 8 hardware. You are purchasing a product that has been hand crafted in the United States of America with a great deal of pride.

Close-up view of our one piece cleat and tire guide